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      1. 上海銘頓傳動設備有限公司


        ★ 行星臂架與輸出軸採用一體式結構設計,確保最大的扭轉剛性。
        ★ 行星輪採用滿滾針設計,新增接觸面積以提高結構剛性與輸出扭矩。
        ★ 齒輪採用低碳鋼表面滲碳淬火到HRC62,以獲得最佳的耐磨及衝擊韌性。
        ★ 齒形引用國外進0軟件輔助設計,以獲得最佳的齒形降低噪音。
        ★ 輸入端與馬達軸連接採用雙邊抱緊管道,以獲取最大的夾緊力和零背隙的動力傳遞。

        ★ Planetary boom and output shaft are intergrated structure designed to ensure maximum torsional rigidity.
        ★ Planetary wheel with full needle design,increase the contact area to improve the rigidity and output torque.
        ★ The gears are carburized and quenched to the HRC62 with low carbon steel surface for optimum wear and impact toughness.
        ★ Gears refer to foreign imported software-assisted design to obtain the best tooth shape to reduce noise.
        ★ The input terminal is connected to the motor shaft in a double-tight manner to obtain the maximum clamping force and zero backlash power transmission.

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